As I have mentioned many times before and now magnified by this past weeks market turmoil, 2010 and now 2011 have shaped up to be one of the best years ever for massive opportunities in real estate.  Why you may ask?  I say this because the following ingredients have all perfectly collided:

-Interest rates are at historic lows, prices of property have adjusted so they can cash flow better

-Subject-to or lease option opportunities abound as people relocate for jobs or are downsizing as they adjust to a slower economy

-Many people are upside down on what they own and giving their properties back to the lenders since they can’t sell it for what it’s worth or at best trying to rent them.
-Banks are in turn trying to get off their books the deluge of these “toxic assets” and will be doing so I believe for at least another year.

So what does this mean for the rest of your 2011?  This is the year to make a decision to purchase at least one property for investment purposes.  If you got in on the front end, you’ll remember that if you had purchased a property before April of last year, buyers were plentiful especially because of the government backed first home tax relief.  Buyers are in greater need of Rent-to-own or Owner Financing programs as they are  having a harder time getting financed and looking for help wherever possible.

The “Perfect Storm” is still here and the time to invest does not get any better than this!  There are investment opportunities in your town and we at VREM are there to help educate you in how to find them. Set a goal and take the next step before they pass you by.



























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