If My 10-Year Old Son Can Do It, So Can You!

We reported in a newsletter last Spring that my son, Robert, had asked me to help him buy a house while we were fishing together at Sandbridge Beach last Easter. Well, it took us several months as we tried one way to find a property and were not successful and then tried another way that was successful.  The first way was printing  I BUY HOUSES post it notes and sticking them on car windows in store parking lots.  That did not get a good response. We didn’t get any calls and a driver got very  upset with us for sticking a note on his windshield.  He was a bit discouraged and lost interest after the Holidays.  Then at the end of the winter he wanted to go to a professional hockey game.  So  I promised if he found a house I would take him to a Washington Capitals vs. The Detroit  Redwings game next season. This really motivated him!  So we put out 10 signs two different weekends. We put a house under contract soon after the second weekend!

It is a lady who just wanted to get out from under her payments and was behind on her mortgage.  We are still working out the details with the mortgage company and will either take the property subject to and bring her loan current or pay cash (with someone else’s money) for a short sale.

Robert  learned at age 10 what ALL my students need to learn. You can’t do one thing to get a house, you have to be persistent and try a multitude of things repeatedly! We will look forward to that Capitals game next season!



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