Making Money With Out of Town Owners

This may or may not be something you already know, but you are about to learn about one of the best-kept secrets in creative investing.  This hidden source of motivated sellers can be one of your biggest money-makers ever!  People who own property in your hometown, but who live out of the area, are great leads for you to talk with for three important reasons:

1)     They are dealing with the property long distance as either a rental property or a vacant property.  This means more headaches, hassles, and bills for them to deal with.

2)     They already have another place to live in their new location.  This means they don’t absolutely have to have all their equity out of the property and thus the benefit to you is that the seller can be flexible.

3)     Most times you are the ONLY person talking with them about buying their property.  Consequently, any time you are the only buyer around, the price always drops and the terms always become more flexible.  This will allow for you the investor to be able to structure a great win-win money-making deal.

So start contacting them today!  Note that VREM has a class specifically on this subject.

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