Myth Exposed: “Only the wealthy and highly educated or knowledgeable get the best deals.”

Reality: “Taking action on what you know and understand is the key.”

The key to getting good deals and being successful in business and in life is to act on what you do know and understand and to get good advisors around you to fill in the gaps.  Most executives make a decision with only about a third of all the information.  The difference is they are taking action on what they do know and understand.  The best of the best have great advisors.  Only secure people realize they will never have all the answers and will seek out and pay for the best advice.  It is often true you get what you pay for.

Henry Ford only had a sixth grade education and yet launched an entire industry.  He was excellent at having people around him that were experienced in areas he was weak.  This is fundamental to success.

It is also important to realize successful people need to understand enough of something to move on it.  Henry Ford knew cards and was confident that the assembly line would work.  He also tested before he went into full production.  Many do not always succeed the first time around so they prepare with that understanding.

You can test market with what you do know in a way that does not put you at total risk.  With the internet and tools with it you have an excellent forum in which to be highly successful.

Take steps of action on what you do know.  Get education and advisors and mentors to help you grow.  No one who is self made is really ever self made.  They had teachers, mentors, and others to learn from before they had their day in the sun.

Will you be one of the successful in 2011?  What are you present goals and how do you plan on getting there?  Take action on what you do know and get advisors who have been where you want to go to help along the way.

Remember, there is no need to reinvent the wheel!

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