The Power of Voicemail

One of the cheapest and most underrated technologies out there is voicemail.  Most people feel very negative when the topic of using voicemail in their business is brought up.  That is because they are probably not using it correctly.

All of us have meetings, appointments, and events to remind customers and clients of.  You can send a strategic voicemail blast to hundreds of people for a fraction of what ads cost, whether print, radio, or TV.  For instance, recently on a Tuesday afternoon we received a voicemail from our local pizza joint “reminding us” that they were doing a promotional discounted Tuesdays only and available for pickup or delivery.  At the end of the message they spoke to how they appreciated us as a valued customer and felt we would want to know about it.  Guess what we did for dinner that night?  It only cost them pennies and they could reach numerous customers with one recorded voicemail.

What if your business had an event coming up you wanted all your clients to know about?  What about getting a local celebrity or one of your top clients that people might know to record it for you?  Think how powerful that would be for improving customer service and your bottom line.

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