Just the Fax Ma’am, Just the Fax

This is an often under-utilized tool for small businesses.  There are many people today who still do not own a computer but may own a fax machine.  In looking at servicing your clients and marketing to them effectively, the use of fax blast technology should be in your arsenal.

For real estate investors both in buying and selling this is a powerful tool.  If you are looking to buy, sending a flyer via fax to mortgage brokers, attorneys, and realtors is a great way to get your message out.  Obviously you need to get their permission just like on any other technology, however once you have it, you can build a database to send out to people letting them know for instance, that you pay finder’s fees on property you buy.

On the selling end, you can do the same thing to the same group of mortgage brokers and realtors many are only able to qualify half of their prospects from the tighter lending regulations due to the current market conditions.  If you have a property to owner finance, lease to own, or rent this is another way to let people know.

Remember, in marketing it is important to touch people in multiple ways with multiple media over time for them to be interested in dealing with you.  This method is a relatively inexpensive way to do just that – and that’s the fax!

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