Wholesaling for High Profits

I am continually amazed when people come up to me and say things like “I would love to do what you do, but I don’t have any money.”  The reality is – YOU DON’T NEED MONEY.  However, you do need to spend some of your brainpower to help realize high profits by recognizing and putting under contract good deals.  It has been said that if you get a great deal the money will always follow.  This has been true to my experience.  If you have a property that you have negotiated a good price, terms or both, all you need to do is give the seller a small deposit (usually $1-$10) and put it under contract.  Once under contract you just market the property to other investors looking for what you have.  Then you assign the contract to your buyer for a healthy profit.

Recently, I had a call from a gentleman who had purchased a property in Gordonsville at a tax sale and wanted to sell it for a quick profit.  I met him that afternoon and gave him one hundred dollars cash and put it under contract.  I then let a couple of my VREM Platinum students market the property on the web and they secured an investor to buy it for a small profit.  This is something we specifically teach on during our VREM classes.

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