How To Find Good Realtors To Work With You

As an investor who has bought and sold well over 100 houses in Central Virginia I can tell you that partnering with realtors is a great win/win for you AND the realtors.  I generally focus on three groups of realtors in my area:

1)     Bank REO (Real Estate Owned by Banks) Realtors

This first group of realtors are those that work specifically with banks that have properties they have received back due to foreclosure.  I often find that the same two or three realtors are used by the same banks to sell their properties.  Once I know which realtors these banks like to use I call them to advise them on what area, price range, and type of property I and my group are looking for (which we teach at VREM).  After I build rapport with them I ask them to email me weekly or call me when they have properties and advise them that I am a cash buyer who can close quickly (and there are few of us left!).  Once you have purchased from them you will be their forever friend and on their list of REAL buyers.

2)     Newer Realtors

I also work with newer realtors who are hungry and open to doing the leg-work needed to find good deals.  More experienced realtors are already absorbed into the niche they like and in turn tend to only sell what they like to do, such as particular areas of town, types of houses, certain neighborhoods, and thus are less willing to do the extra work it takes to find good deals.  In short, newer realtors are just hungrier for a sale.  I meet with them and give them a list to look up in the MLS like: handyman special, needs work, TLC, estate sale, out of town owner, “as is”, etc.  These are all potential investor properties.  Again, I have them email the leads daily or weekly which meet the metrics I have given them.

3)     Investor-savvy Realtors

I call each real estate office in my area and ask, “Who is the realtor in your office that works with investors the most?”  Most realtors like to specialize and these realtors will put me on their buyers list with other investors.  When they get a property they think I would be interested in they email or call me to make an offer.

Remember – Win/Win solutions work for everyone!

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